We think of animals as different from us.
When we say the word animal, we often mean "not human".

In Beloved Prey, we follow the story of the Lioness, who struggles to accept the recent death of her cub. Through a series of uncanny events, she decides against making the Calf her meal, and kidnaps him instead. Meanwhile, the Calf's mother, the Doe persists to locate and recover her child from the claws of the Lioness. The encounter between this trinity explores the complex emotions both animals and humans experience in the face of death. 



Kamunyak (meaning "Blessed One"), is a lioness in the Samburu National Reserve, in Northern Kenya. She is famous for having adopted at least 6 oryx calves, and fighting off predators and lion prides which attempted to eat her charges. She suffered starvation, since the calves will not act like lion cubs and wait somewhere while she hunts for food.

Her story was recorded by Saba Douglas-Hamilton and her sister, Dudu, between January 2002 - August 2003. Their film, Heart of a Lioness, was first shown on theBBC and later premiered in the United States on Animal Planet in March 2005. Video clips from this film can be accessed on the Discovery Channel website, together with audio interviews with pictures and an extensive discussion. She was last sighted in February 2004, and despite a number of searches, has not been seen since.

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