The Traveling Opera Company

We think of animals as different from us. When we say the word animal, we often mean ‘not human’. Beloved Prey is a story inspired by a strange phenomenon in nature where a predator animal adopts a prey animal, instead of eating them. Through this story we explore what we consider human emotion, compassion, feeling, is very much animal.



Grand opera uses a theatre space  to bring old operas to life. Beloved Prey transforms existing spaces into a stage to bring new operas to life. Our production brings the emphasis back to opera’s key elements: music, story, gesture and your imagination.

MUSIC- Beloved Prey blends Japanese traditional music with elements of European opera. A rich palette is painted through only 3 instruments and a handful of singers, creating an intimate yet immersive experience.

STORY - Our focus isn’t reproducing historical operas, but using the medium to tell stories. With an emphasis on articulation, and lyrics that merge the colloquial and poetic, Beloved Prey brings the wisdom of nature to a wide audience, not only those in reach of an opera house.

GESTURE - Choreography that blends traditional Japanese Noh theatre and dance creates a stylized and immersive language of gestures. Movement embodies and gives life to the story.

IMAGINATION - Your imagination is always there! It’s not only activated in an opera house!  Your imagination is what makes the experience, whether inside or outside a traditional theatre space.



When we hear the word opera, we think of a big orchestra, aristocratic costumes, grandiose theatres, and lyrics you can’t understand. The origin of the oral tradition, however, was more modest; bards and minstrels who spread stories from place to place on foot. The focus was on storytelling and less on theatrics.

We tailor the story and the production to be portable so that the show can be put on virtually anywhere - folding backdrops for easy transport and instant staging, a score composed specifically for very few instruments, sets that don’t need elaborate lighting and articulate lyrics that don’t need electronic translation.

Grand opera made these stories stationary. We’re putting opera back on the road.



Not everyone lives in a major metropolis with an opera house. However, everyone should have access to the arts - live, not just on Youtube. We want to bring Beloved Prey to you, wherever you are. Experiencing art should not be a privilege of city-dwellers alone, opera is an art form of storytelling and should be accessible anywhere.


Beloved Prey is the first of many operas the Traveling Opera Company plans to produce and put on the road. We are pioneering a new genre: "traveling opera". Beloved Prey demonstrates how a small-scale production can compete against a grand opera production. We believe that imagination, efficiency and quality is key.

We envision bringing opera to a variety of spaces, not just limited to the theater - zoos, museums, art galleries, anime conventions, archways, even resonant parking lots can be transformed into opera spaces through The Traveling Opera Company. We want to create a company that has the administrative power to engage in new productions and booking existing productions year-round. Products need marketing, so do artistic works. Therefore, we wish to hire booking agents, marketers, PR, so “traveling operas” becomes a household term. This is a movement, not just a flash in the pan.  We encourage the public to engage in our artistic process as such a movement is impossible without your support.